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Friday, September 22, 2017


Choosing the Right Shoes to Reach Your Fall Running Goal

By: Karen Kwan With so many shoes out there, it can be confusing as to whiche will help you reach your running goals. I sat...

They’re Just Like Us! Canadian Celebs and Public Figures at the...

  Celebrity is a powerful force, so powerful in fact that it can make your non-running friends interested in running, if only for a few...

Falling For It

Seven Tips for Planning Your Race Goals

Building a well-thought out training schedule gives you time to work towards your goals and stay consistent. But how do you adapt and what...

Happy Trails: Testing Saucony’s Koa ST’s in Toronto’s High Park

Saucony gave us the chance to review their newest series of trail shoes this week, so three of us hit the trails at Toronto's...

Life lessons from a lifetime of running

I’m still amazed I can run for two-and-half hours without stopping. If you rewound to my passive youth and young adulthood, it would seem...
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