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Friday, July 21, 2017


150 Runners – Trevor Kearsey

Trevor Kearsey 39, Mount Pearl I started running a little over six years ago, and it was always about how fast I could go. Honestly, that...

Kansas Barbecue Tempeh Skewers

  Slathered in a rich homemade barbecue sauce that's super simple, the tempeh and sweet potatoes are the perfect complement. Keep it varied by swapping...

150 Runners – Tina Garstad

Tina Garstad 48, Calgary My mantra? Have fun no matter what you do! I may not be the fastest runner, but running has taught me that...

150 Runners – Wendi Moore

Wendi Moore 49, Calgary When I was 44, I decided to enter a race I’d driven my husband to one day, and with absolutely no proper...

150 Runners – Yves Desrosiers

Yves Desrosiers 56, Orleans I had surgery for prostate cancer in February…that sort of cut into my running! But I’m recovering well and will be running...