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Monday, November 19, 2018


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On this week's show Mark speaks with some everyday runners who are taking marathon running to the next level. First, Denise Sauroil explains how...

Five Tips for Healthy Winter Running

By:  Pamela Mazzuca HBSc. Kin, Athletic Therapist   Running is a physical and repetitive sport. Unfortunately like most sports there is an inherent risk of...

Super Easy Crab Cakes

iRun Radio

How To Run Faster, Get Stronger & Go Further Than Ever

We spoke with four runners about how to improve your running game, mind, body and spirit. Here's what they had to say. You need to...

Fall in Love with Fall’s new Marathon SSQ de Québec

Did you know you can run a marathon in a fortified city in Canada? In fact, it’s the only fortified city in North America...

iRun Radio

Find out the attraction of running the Philadelphia Marathon for the 25th year in the row. Then, the inspiring story of a runner who...
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