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Tuesday, June 2, 2020


iRun Radio

On this edition of iRun Radio: Jessica Shaw is a teacher, a mom, and a track athlete who has...

The Boston Marathon is cancelled. Event to be held virtually.

In an announcement today the running world was waiting on, the Boston Athletic Association has announced that their 124th annual event, rescheduled...

A Childhood Dream, Postponed: Part II of a three-part Racing Story

Boston 2020 was going to be her second Boston Marathon. Runner, teacher, and author Vanessa de Hoog reflects on the journey it...
Alex Sproll, owner of Trail Estate, out for a run on a country road.

Happy Trails: Alex Sproll Finds the Parallels Between Logging Miles and Making Wine

This is a great time to support a local business. Aside from all the great independent running stores across the country, there...

Best-Ever Turkey Bacon Burgers

With the long weekend kicking off, these burgers are worth getting fired up about. Plus this recipe is simple enough that even...