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Saturday, February 16, 2019


5 ways to stay active and keep your running on track

Running is habitual for many and any break in your usual routine can wreak havoc on your training. It is very easy to fall...

Sarah MacKay: Tougher Than the Rest

If we’re lucky enough to run for a long time, we get to look back in amusement and realize just how little we knew...

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A Runner’s Takeaways from the New Canada Food Guide

The new Canada’s Food Guide was revealed this week. Among the changes, it is the first time that the guide has been presented in...

Almond Overnight Oats & Chia Pudding with Cherry and Dark Chocolate topping

  We know you're always looking for new recipe ideas for your morning meal but the start of your day can sometimes be pretty heck to...

Why Women Don’t Quit (When the Running Gets Tough)

The New York Times op-ed from April titled “Why Men Quit and Women Don’t” is so tantalizing, isn’t it? It implies an answer to...
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