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    What goes up must come down


    Up and Down

    I knew there were going to be ups and downs on my road to Boston but I think my body has taken it a little too far. Last week 6k into a 32k run I tripped over a crack in the road. I landed on my knee and elbow. After stopping their Garmins my caring runners stopped to make sure I was ok. A little shaken I got up and continued on. When I got home my poor elbow didn’t quite look normal. After an xray on Monday it was confirmed that I’m just clumsy but have strong bones because nothing was broken except my pride.

    Kiskas ElbowKiskas knee

    When a road goes down it has to go back up! I had a PB at the Chilly 1/2 marathon 1 week later. I beat my old half marathon time by over 2 minutes. It may seem like a lot but when I looked at my split in Toronto marathon last year -it was only 7 seconds faster – but still faster.  I can tell you I didn’t have another 21.1km at that pace. I may not PB in Boston but I can tell you I’m planning on enjoying all 42.2km.

    kiskas chilly