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    Weight training Wednesday: Workout 1


    I’m always trying to rope people into weight training. I believe that most people, women especially, don’t fully realize the benefits of this activity. So when a friend expresses an interest, I usually need to reign in my enthusiasm so I don’t scare them. A month or so ago (I’m bad with dates), Yoga-girl expressed an interest in strengthening her muscles. I’m really not sure why we’re friends at all because she’s got to be one of the most naturally slender people I know. Not only are we friends, but we tend to do activities together that require low clothing coverage (e.g., hot yoga, swimming). So she’s one of the few people I know who exercises primarily for health rather than aesthetic reasons.

    Anyway, to get back to the original story, she expressed an interest in weights. Naturally, I jumped on this and offered to design her a program. Here’s what I came up with (descriptions/pictures/videos of exercises are linked).

    **Caveat reader: I don’t do this for a living. My only qualifications for this are having been a weight lifter for four years, having read a few books and having done a few stints with personal trainers. Mind you, those are also my qualifications for writing a running blog…**

    Warmup: 5-10 minutes, your choice of cardio

    Start with one-two sets of each exercise, work up to two-three sets.

    Do 10-12 repetitions within each set.

    When you can easily do 12 reps without sacrificing form, boost the weight you’re lifting.

    Workout 1

    Round 1: Legs and glutes

    –          weighted squats, starting with10 pounds per hand; targets glutes

    –          walking lunges, starting with 5 pounds per hand; targets quads

    –          stability ball hamstring curl, no weight; targets hamstrings

    Round 2: Back and chest

    –          dumbbell shrugs, starting with 15 pounds per hand; targets upper back

    –          hip lifts, no weight; targets lower back

    –          push-ups, starting on knees, working up to feet; targets chest

    Round 3: Shoulders and arms

    –          shoulder press, starting with 5 pounds per hand; targest shoulders

    –          standing overhead triceps extension, starting with 10 pounds; targets triceps

    –          hammer curls, starting with 5 pounds per hand; targets biceps

    Round 4: Abs

    –          plank, holding 45-60 seconds; targets abs

    –          medicine ball twist, starting with 5 pounds; targets abs

    –          reverse crunch; targets abs

    Cooldown: 5-10 minutes


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