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    Usain Bolt’s Soundtrack


    Well…it could be his soundtrack…maybe….it works great for me!


    It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada! I figured all of that turkey and delicious food that accompanies it, will get you out running! I wanted to share my favorite speed tunes with you, lots of which I would never listen to outside of running. (Most of the time, it’s about the beat.) When these songs vibrate in my ears, I get my feet moving! If you’re hitting a fast workout/tempo workouts try some of these out; they’ll get you groovin’!

    TOP 3 : 

    1.) The Pretender: Foo Fighters

    2.) Billy Talent: This is How it Goes

    3.) Goldfinger: Superman


    Heavy Rock:

    Stemm: Face the Pain

    Puddle of Mudd: Famous

    Billy Talent: Try Honestly

    Linkin Park: Lying From You

    Rage Against the Machine: Township Rebellion

    Rage Against the Machine: Know Your Enemy

    Disturbed: Inside the Fire


    Blink 182: Anthem Part Two

    Millencolin: No Cigar

    Millencolin: Penguins and Polar Bears

    Sum 41: Hell Song

    Foo Fighters: Everlong

    Boston: Smokin’

    Hip-Hop (Explicit Lyrics) 

    Kayne West: Stronger

    Damian Marley: Confrontation

    DMX: Intro

    Eminem: Lose Yourself

    The Roots: Web

    Bad Meets Evil: Fastlane

    Here’s to you and a tasty weekend! Enjoy!



    1. I do not run but will listen to some of your songs as I do my daily walk with my 4 legged friend..songs do inspire people as they do for you..thanks for the tip…L &P

    2. Hi Joffre,
      It depends on the type of running I’m doing.If it’s trail than I can stretch a pair of shoes out for a while. I usually get about 600-800km/shoe.Though, I can wear a barefoot shoe out until the shoe is falling apart. Thanks for reading!

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