Travel Touchdown Tel Aviv Monday March 12

    Touchdown Tel Aviv Monday March 12


    So here I am posting, just returned from an 8k run along the Mediteranrean Sea with Ben and Sam.

    The flight took about 12 hours and we are 6 hours ahead of Toronto time.

    The flight had  on board with us, the Israeli -Canadian Junior Hockey Team who just returned from a tournament in Toronto and Ottawa. Yes they do play hockey in Isreal.(wonder if they would beat the Leafs..00000uch)

    No pictures yet, need to find a way,but Apple does not allow USB sticks.

    Arrived in Tel Aviv and  had breakfast close to the  Herods Hotel.

    We were guided in Jaffa by our tour guide Irit Doron who showed us around. Jaffa is  an ancient seaport related to the Biblical narrative of Jonah and the whale. We also saw the fihersman’s port (where I enjoyed a Goldstar dark beer), saw St. Peter’s church and visited the Artists corner where we met  one of the premier artists, Ilana Goor, whose art is in the White House.

    We later went to the Tel  Aviv seaport (the view from the newly renovated view of the sea is amazing. Local market, where I purchased and am now enjoying  a  “Queen’s” stout from a local brewery.

    Tonight we are dining witht the hosting  organization of the Jerusalem Marathon.

    Now I have to have a nap, as I have not really slept since 6:30 am on Sunday.