No Category selected They came, they ran, they conquered

    They came, they ran, they conquered


    With the indispensible help of coach Rick Hellard from Zone3Sports, four members of the iRun Gear Test Team led the way as featured members of iRun’s So you want to run a marathon, eh?program.  They set goals, trained hard, learned lots, and yes, ran their first marathon. Here’s how they did:


    Carolyn Pleasance  Hamilton, ON

    iRun ’cause it’s the only time when nobody wants me to do anything else.

    Chip time 6:56:33

    Up next: Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge – Carolyn will travel to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and run a half marathon on January 13, 2013, followed by a marathon the very next day!


    Amy Maheu   Kanata, ON

    iRun to maintain balance in my crazy and busy life.

    Chip time 5:14:17

    Up next: Amy is totally ready to do another marathon and is considering running at Ottawa Race Weekend.


    Gerard Raby  Calgary, AB

    iRun because I am dedicated to this cause and will pursue it no matter how difficult it will be. 

    Chip time 4:42:38

    Up next: After getting a spiffy tattoo to commemorate his accomplishment, Gerry plans to run another marathon next year with his wife, who couldn’t run STWM due to injury.


    Ryan Travers   North Bay, ON

    iRun to constantly challenge myself.

    Chip time 4:11:10

    Up next: while he was ready to take some well-earned recovery time, there is chatter amongst his friends about possibly running the Ottawa Marathon – as Ryan puts it, “Who knows?”


    We’d like to say thank you to these runners for sharing their experiences.  Congratulations to all of you, and to everyone who finished their first marathon this year!