Motivation The ECCO Challenge is back with Biom Lite

The ECCO Challenge is back with Biom Lite


Last year, iRun’s Gear Test Team took the ECCO Challenge and tested several models of ECCO Biom for various activities.  This year, they’re trying out Biom Lite, ECCO’s lightest, lowest, most minimalist Biom for cross training activities and downtime.

Meet our six testers!

Adam Chaim
iRun because it’s fun!

Adam is an Athletic Director who regularly participates in Cross Fit.



Ken Ruller
iRun for the fun and when I am done I feel as if my body has won

Ken participates in “a lot of general gym workouts”.



Pamela Dransfield
iRun to age with strength and grace

Pamela trains regularly with “brutal DVDs by Jillian Michaels”.



Diana Devine
iRun to feel good about myself

Diana is a marathoner who walks her dog regularly.



Allyson Chisnall
iRun so I never gain back the weight I worked so hard to lose

Allyson participates in several different circuit workouts including hand weights, medicine ball, elliptical machine and the treadmill.



Autumn Gardner
iRun for fun, for health, and to set an example for my children

Autumn works in a relatively casual environment so she can test these shoes for 8+ hours.




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