Tanis Smith-Bolton responds to the controversy at Around the Bay

    I was pretty excited to place in the top 10 at ATB. I’ve been working so hard for 10 years now with running. I never was the best, but I’ve always worked the hardest. I had a lot of people overlook me over the years including my university years. My potential was left untapped until now. Now, all those years of grinding are coming to fruition. 
    Now with that in mind, think of how I felt when I arrived home Monday night after work to hear about someone cheating and taking that spot away from me. You don’t just “get” to be top 10. You work harder than you’ve ever worked and sometimes, still this isn’t good enough. ATB brings talent from all over the country, the best of the best. 
    When my new found Windsor friend told me his suspicions and all the work he did to fix this for me when I was completely unaware something was amiss, I was tremendously grateful. We laughed that if you were going to cheat, this was not the course to do it on with it being a loop and all the timing mats.
     I just love the running community and how everyone is always looking out for each other. I commend Ben for focusing this article on the positives, there is no excuse to cheat period. 
    I will continue to strive to my very best and meet all the wonderful people who do the same.


    1. I love that you have stayed positive during this whole thing. You were already grateful for making top 10 and continue to remain humble and gracious.
      The running community is such a tight knit one and I for one respect all runners regardless of their status. I don’t appreciate that people cheat and I love how your Windsor friend figured this out and helped correct it.
      Here’s to many more top 10’s and podium finishes for you Tanis.

    2. “Good Girl” Tannis, you ran the race looking forward to the goal…with much anticipation, preparation, determination, and enduring the difficulties of “The Journey”! Well done. Proud of you and Josh.
      Bill and Cathy Corner

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