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    Rest Day


    Ah, Rest Day.  The day that us runners live like the “rest” of the world.  Sometimes ‘rest day’ is even more chaotic, as I feel as though I have lots of free time to do errands, housework, extra outings with the kids, etc.  Phew!  I still must work on the mental rest that goes along with the physical rest, I suppose.   The more scheduled we are, the more schedule-oriented we become?

    Structure creates more structure.

    I am excited that this week, I will receive a real live training schedule, to start on December 1st!  This will be the training schedule that will take me all the way to Boston!  I am looking forward to it.  Truth be told, this will be my very first official ‘made-for-me’ plan.  There will be increases in mileage, tempo runs, intervals, long runs.  I assume (!) there will be a rest day.  I will follow all of the workouts, and I am sure I will look forward to the rest days.  I am nervous to see what someone else (Nicole Stevenson) has in mind for me.  I have always been the one that has decided just how far to push my training plan (and I am sure my inner wimp errs on the side of “less is more?”) so for now, I will enjoy the remainder of my rest day, in anticipation of what lies ahead on this road to Boston…