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    It’s almost race day!!  I can’t believe in just 2 sleeps I will be boarding the shuttle to Hopkinton…

    The week leading up to the race has been a tad emotional to say the least (it doesn’t take much to bring out my sappy side, but I have been in emotional overdrive)!  I sent an email out to my colleagues the other day, encouraging them to track my progress during the big race via the BAA website (if I know there is a chance that people I know are watching my progress, perhaps I will run harder?). So many of them took the time to congratulate me ahead of time. It has been quite amazing, the amount of support everyone around me has shared throughout this process.  The build-up to race day is coming to an end, and therefore I think that is the cause of this bundle of emotions!

    There is a term used to describe “brides-to-be” that sway in the direction of being self-absorbed, wedding-obsessed, and emotionally dramatic.  We have all known our share of “bridezillas”. I feel like all of this Boston attention I have been enjoying as of late has turned me into a “marathon-zilla”!  The training, the hard work, the all-consuming dreaming of the big day (while at times attempting to appear humble) has left me feeling like my friends and family are eager to see me cross the finish line sooner rather than later.

    The nature of a milestone race can’t be fought. The preparation and build-up is inevitable, much like a wedding. The good news is that most bridezillas turn back into normal, strong women after the big day. They do appreciate their loved ones that made the big day a success. As a marathon-zilla, I appreciate everyone that has helped me make it to the Big Day. You know who you are…(here comes the Oscar speech) Mom and Dad, Papa, the boys, Michelle, (you know you love speedwork) Lori, Scott, Memere, coach Nicole, (thanks for the torture) iRun, Adidas, all of my friends and family that have offered warm encouragement from day one, and everyone I have ever had the pleasure to run alongside.

    This is it. I am so ready to toe the line and earn that Boston jacket!

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    1. Have a great race. You should post your bib number so we can track you and keep you honest for your pace.
      and you have to post a pic with your Boston jacket and medal !

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