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    One. Month. Left.


    Wow.  I can’t believe the fact that in one month, my very first experience running the Boston Marathon will be over.

    March break has all but come and gone in our house, (sniff, sniff) and the weather has been wonderful.  Who knew I would rack up so many gorgeous training days in a “winter” training cycle?  In this last month of training for the race of a lifetime, I am hoping for the following things:

    -more of this lovely spring (ok, summer) weather.  If I am lucky enough to wear shorts in Boston, it would be nice to do so with legs that have seen even just a tiny bit of sun beforehand!

    continued patience on the part of my family/friends.  With an extra shout-out to the hubs.  I am impressed with the fact that I have been able to fit in all of these training runs, but really, it is because I have a very understanding family.  I am the lucky one that gets to log miles while they sacrifice a clean home, perfect meals, etc.

    -speed/patience while racing at the end of March.  The Around the Bay Race is coming up, and while I hope to be quick, I really hope not to injure myself by trying too hard!

    Time.  You know what they say…”time is money”.  In this case, it really is, “time is running.”  Next week, I am heading back to work (gulp!) after 14 months away.  I will now face the reality of a day job, along with the kiddies, housework, (it will suffer, no doubt) homework, running and being my cheery self through it all.  Wishing, hoping and praying for time is important.

    Health.  I have managed to log hundreds of miles this winter without so much as a sniffle.  Being mindful of getting sleep, (when the baby allows, of course) trying to eat right, and avoiding those germs the older boys drag into the house has worked so far.  I have a feeling that when I head back into a high school full of students, my luck might run out in the ‘healthy’ department.  I may turn into the hand-washing queen?!

    I feel like the luckiest runner out there.  I am so eager to get to that starting line (er, corral…then starting line) to put this training into fruition.  So, be kind to me, Final Month of Training.  I respect you, and I will try my best to hold up to my end of the deal.  We will both celebrate in Boston, perhaps in an ice bath at a very nice hotel.