No Category selected Night time. When all the creepers come out…

    Night time. When all the creepers come out…


    Since I typically get home from work some time after 6, and since the days are getting shorter, I’ve taken to running in the dark.

    I know my mother and grandmotherS wouldn’t approve, but I feel safe, I keep my music low, and I always run on busy, well-lit streets.

    In fact, I actually love the adrenaline of rush of running under the night sky; I find I run faster and I’m more alert.

    But there are definitely negative aspects and I’ve encountered so may as of late, that I thought they were “running blog idol post-worthy”

    In my last few night runs, I’ve encountered 1 or all of the following:

    • Creepy men yelling out the window: even if you’re yelling flattering comments, yelling of  any nature (or honking) or even staring at a runner is tacky and gross…
    • Racoons climbing up trees: I’m not an animal personal and any kind of nocturnal creature freaks me the heck out.
    • Skunk-smell: if you can smell them then you know they can’t be too far away. I’ll be totally surprised if I make it through the fall running season without getting sprayed.
    • An egg flying out of a car window, directed at my head: something about having ANYTHING thrown at me makes me want to cry.
    • BATS: mice with wings, YIKES!
    Actually, now that I think about it, it’s not wonder I run faster and I’m more alert at night!!!  It’s like the fight or flight phenomenon!!
    Anyways, enjoy your night runs, be safe and Happy Thanksgiving!