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    My truck ate my homework….


    As with most of my runs I’m rushing to get out of the house to meet one of my running sisters.  Tuesday I dropped my daughter at daycare and then rushing to get my son to school before the bell.  I had thrown my “new” Garmin on the passenger seat (no time to put it on my wrist before I left the house).  When I was backing out of daycare I heard a noise and saw two moms with their mouths open.  I got out of my truck to see my poor Garmin was no longer:(  It must have been under my daughter’s bookbag and fell on the ground when I opened the door.  My son pipes up and says “that’s ok mom, dad doesn’t use his much.”  Well for one day I had a good excuse not to report my interval speeds back to my coach.IMG_0742

    50 days – 7 weeks left – that doesn’t sound like that long before race day. Funny how I’ve done this 10 times and every time you second guess yourself. Will I actually be ready? Will these ache and pains go away? Can I stay injury free? Am I working hard enough? Will I survive a 1/2 marathon ++ mileage every week for the next 2 months?

    I just have to remember that my coaches know what they are talking about and have trained hundreds of people. Nicole (my Adidas online coach) has been wonderful. For someone that wins these things, she has been totally understanding of an average girl that has a lot of “life” that gets in the way of training. My #1 priority is my 3 and 5 year old, #2 -my full time job that I love and then comes my training. If it wasn’t for my running sisters that get me out as early as 5am or as late as 8pm for a run – I don’t think I would find the inner motivation. I love to run but hate to run by myself. Funny how that is – I guess I don’t like my own company that much.


    1. I love that your son knows who does and doesn’t use their Garmins in your house. Running with friends is my favourite way to train as well.

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