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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Music is a huge part of what we experience as runners. It motivates, stimulates, and sometimes, just helps us zone out. As part of our ongoing commitment to your full spectrum of life as a runner, we’re going to be updating play lists for you each week. Expect guest DJs, including Katy Perry, the Black Keys and Ghostface Killah, and Stephen McGrath, communications expert at the legendary Massey Hall, who will be curating our music coverage moving forward. Rock on, people. Enjoy the run.

Music News

Serena Ryder’s Mental Health Crusade

Canada’s beloved roots rocker is a 35-year-old, eight-time Juno award-winning vocalist. However, it’s her work on wellness, staying active, and positive vibes that makes...

How Running Fuels This Musician’s Creative Process

Gavin Gardiner, lead singer of The Wooden Sky, on the sanctity running brings as he bares his soul to the world Last night I...

New Balance presents: The Song that Changed My Life, by Reid Coolsaet

All this month, we're highlighting different stories about New Balance and New Balance athletes, like Ross Proudfoot, who wrote this about maximizing your running...

Watch and hear the running song (and video!) of the summer

Jon and Roy are a group of long-time friends from Victoria who just may have recorded the running song of the summer entitled, quite...

The Great Thing About Running Is That It’s Running

Tim Baker of Hey Rosetta! on what he says “we’re supposed to be doing,” running, and what it feels like to play a show...
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