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    Marathon = fun??


    I never thought I’d use the words fun and marathon in the same sentence. After Amy (other iRUN winner) and I figured out we were both running the Disney marathon we decided to meet for the first time at the start line. After a few emails regarding the color of our throw away clothes it worked out great. With a 5am start – we met up at the opening of our coral before the fireworks and started talking. 4hr and 5min later we finished talking. Two ladies, both with young families and a love for running – you would have thought we were old high school friends. There are comments on Disney’s web page that there are some lonely sections on the course but I can tell you that I didn’t find any. When I finished NYC in November the thought of doing Disney in 8 weeks almost made me vomit! My body was sore and my mojo was gone. But after Disney I took my 1 week off and I’m 110% pumped to start my “real” Boston training.