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    Look and feel like a ‘real’ runner



    Adidas outfitted the Makeover runners in technical running apparel that features CLIMACOOL ® technology to manage heat and perspiration and keep them dry and comfortable.  Flowmapping is used to study how air flows across the body so that CLIMACOOL ® technology can be placed where it’s most needed.  For improved comfort and efficiency, the apparel provided to the runners uses our FORMOTION ™ technology.  FORMOTION ™ garments use pre-shaped 3D silhouettes that allow greater freedom of movement and move naturally with the body.

    Brock lives in Edmonton (also known as home of the Running Room) and therefore was thrilled to mix up his clothing options with CLIMACOOL ® and FORMOTION ™  garments in the men’s spring seasonal color – green! Brock

    Aleks only wears clothing which accentuates her style and attributes.  Aleks appreciated the sleek black FORMOTION ™ tops and tights for cooler weather.  But, she loved the hot pink jacket to layer over top.  Additional items for the spring have been received in gorgeous yellow and blues colours each with flattering cuts and unique shape around the neckline.  Aleks will be modeling some of this clothing at her first race at the Mercedes Benz 10k!


    Chrystal was transformed into a slick, FORMOTION ™ running machine.  She has never had the opportunity to try modern sport fabrics while running.  Chrystal was truly astonished at how she felt and moved with the new clothing.  She will never go back to hand-me-down soggy gear!


    1. You are right. I love the gear and the bright colours. I especially love that that Adidas provided the right size of shoe in nice girly colours. Being thrifty, I never would have spent big dollars on quality gear, but I have been shown the error of my ways. I keep saying it but thanks to Adidas and iRun for this.

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