No Category selected iRun to Eat…Thanksgiving dinner!

    iRun to Eat…Thanksgiving dinner!


    By Karen Karnis

    Ahh, Thanksgiving. The time to be grateful for the harvest – and the start of “pack on the weight so you can hibernate” season. But wait, we’re not bears! We’re runners, and we hit the streets all year round, right? So just for fun, we did the math to see how far some hypothetical runners would have to run to burn off this weekend’s temptations in this edition of iRun to Eat!

    Distance run at 6:00/km pace

     Holiday “cheer”… 130 lb
    175 lb
    Starbucks Grande (16oz) Pumpkin Spice Latte
    with Whipped Cream at 380 calories
    6.73k 4.96k
    Vodka (1 oz) and cranberry juice (250mL) at 214 calories 3.79k 2.79k
    341mL bottle of Mill Street Oktoberfest Lager at 150 calories 2.66k 1.96k
    4oz glass of white wine or champagne at 100 calories 1.77k 1.31k


     And that turkey dinner with all the fixin’s… 130 lb
    175 lb
    1 cup of white turkey meat, no skin, at 211 calories 3.74k 2.75k
    1 cup of mashed potatoes made with milk and butter at 225 calories 3.99k 2.94k
    1 cup of steamed green beans at 37 calories 0.66k 0.48k
    1 cup of glazed carrots at 216 calories 3.83k 2.82k
    ½ cup of Stove Top Stuffing, turkey flavour, at 110 calories 1.95k 1.44k
    1 cup of turkey gravy at 188 calories 3.33k 2.45k
    1 buttered roll at 250 calories 4.43k 3.26k
    1 slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream at ~555 calories 9.83k 7.25k
    Grand total, give or take a pickle or two: 1722 calories 31.76k 23.39k


    So if you’re watching your waistline, there you have it. But hey, I don’t judge!