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    Injury Update


    The saying goes ‘no news is good news’ and I suppose that is true with injuries as well.  My leg seems to be getting better each day and the calf muscle is slowly coming around.  However I have a feeling that if I went for a run it wouldn’t take long to have it ‘pop’ right back to where it was on the weekend!  So I will continue to wait and try not to get to frustrated.  Hopefully I will get out for a test run this weekend or at the latest early next week. 🙂 Until then I will be chasing my kids around which means I will probably put in more KM then I would have if I was running!!

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    A banker by day, 35-year-old Tyler recently decided to train for a marathon. And by "decided," he means that "my wife has given me permission to train for the full." A dedicated family man with two young children (a three-year-old and a six-month-old), Tyler says it's a constant challenge to find more time to run. He says that his wife wants him to run because it's good for his heart, but he's slightly suspicious that the real reason might be because his body "was beginning to look more and more like a pear," and "she doesn't like pears." We wish him the best of luck in becoming the fruit of his wife's dreams!