Motivation Gear review: Powerdrain Water Shoe by Columbia Sportswear

Gear review: Powerdrain Water Shoe by Columbia Sportswear


Reviewed By: Carol Burns

Product: Powerdrain Water Shoe

Product category: Hybrid Water Shoes

Canadian MSRP: $100

Product Website: Columbia Sportswear


Featuring an easy synch closure system, the Powerdrain fully drainable hybrid water shoe performs excellently in and out of the water. The upper features mesh for easy, breathability while the Techlite midsole features drainage ports in the heel and forefoot. The Omni-Grip outsole is siped with lugs to provide wet or dry traction. This style is available for men and women.


Pros: Light weight, comfortable and sturdy. These shoes felt good immediately. I did not experience any of the stiffness or tightness I sometimes feel with other shoes during the initial few wears. The pull tight lace system is a nice feature and allows for easy removal especially when wet.  The drain system in these shoes is excellent and the shoes themselves dried completely overnight. They are also quite attractive and I received compliments on them from co-workers.

Cons: Not recommended for long runs or speedwork if you prefer a “plush ride.” Tend to fit a little large, so consider trying a half-size smaller if your usual size feels roomy.

Ideal for:

  • Runners with exposure to a variety of terrains especially wet and or muddy conditions.
  • Runners who experience areas where pavement is slick due to wet/icy conditions.


I have never worn water shoes and was very excited about trying them. Fortunately Mother Nature co-operated with a heavy overnight downpour and I decided to tackle a section of local trail that I would normally consider unusable in such conditions. I settled on a “damn the torpedoes” approach and plowed through several areas of ankle deep water and muddy patches. My footing remained solid and though the shoes received a thorough soaking, any water inside drained quickly away and I did not experience any of the heavy or soggy feeling that had made previous wet runs so uncomfortable. While I expected the Power Drain shoes to do very well in wet trail conditions I was pleasantly surprised by their ability to grip wet/slick pavement. I am an early morning runner often out by 5:30 a.m. and have found that roads and sidewalks that may appear clear are often covered in an invisible coating of ice or moisture that can leave them treacherous.

With these shoes my steps were secure and I was able to relax and enjoy my run without the worry of an unexpected slip or fall. Because they are so comfortable, they have also quickly become my “go to” shoes for trail walks.

 About the reviewer:

I began running about 6 years ago to combat the “empty nest blues” when my youngest son moved 700 km away to attend university and have never looked back. I have since completed 7 half marathons in addition to many shorter races. I currently log 40-50 km per week and am looking forward to my first races of the year in May.

“iRun to be alone with my thoughts.” ~Carol Burns