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    Does it Snow in Boston?


    Or, more importantly, does it snow in April in Boston? If there is even an outside chance of this happening, I really need to re-evaluate my time goals.  This evening I ventured out into the fresh snow for a run, and, well, it was a bit too sloppy for my tastes.  The kind of fresh snow that is so pretty to look at, yet so hard to run through.  Plows haven’t passed through most streets and sidewalks, yet cars have packed that white stuff down, making for little grip left in one’s shoes.  Even with the Yak Traks…

    Yes, there are pluses to running in the snow.  I know that it will make me stronger in the end, and we can’t forget about this being a character building experience.  When you add in all of the wind and sideways ice pellets, I am going to have so much character by race day that my extra character might just need it’s own bib number!?

    I can’t hate the snow.  I really can’t.  I have three small children that light up with joy when they see it.  They know it means toboggan time, and I just love watching them glide down that hill, and for a brief moment I forget about the incredible cross training that comes with snow.  I get the pleasure of pulling them up the hill.  I get the pleasure of shovelling our crazy-long driveway (which, if Nicole Stevenson asks, counts as cross-training?!).

    By tomorrow the snow plow will have passed, and I will be out running in “ugly” (non-fresh) snow again, but until then, I will think happy thoughts of pausing to let the big fluffy flakes land on my tongue.


    1. I love that your extra character, developed through winter running in snow drifts and ice pellets might need its own bib on race day!

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