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Sunday, March 18, 2018


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Divas Running Series Goes West

After a successful Toronto event earlier this summer, the Divas Running Series will continue to expand across Canada with a debut race in Calgary,...

Marathon Mom

“When you’re 41 and can still snag the win, it’s something...

What do I like most about this marathon build? Well, I'm not crossing every t and dotting every i. I'm not doing busy work,...

Mark Sutcliffe: My Running Life

Into the Wild: Mark Sutcliffe’s Prescription for a Hometown Adventure

In the prehistoric days before GPS devices, in the ancient time of phone books, Blockbuster stores and fax machines, we often didn’t know how...

Andrew Chak: Obsessive Runner

School Ties

Andrew Chak goes back to school to see how today’s students respond to Terry’s memory. Hint: Through their dedication, he learns something about himself. When...

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