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150 Runners

150 Runners – Trevor Kearsey

Trevor Kearsey 39, Mount Pearl I started running a little over six years ago, and it was always about how fast I could go. Honestly, that...

Marathon Mom

And I Keep Keeping On: Catching Up with Krista DuChene

“This is probably my last attempt at a PB (personal best),” Krista DuChene told Paul Gains, about the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. “I feel...

Mark Sutcliffe: My Running Life

Real life is a lot like running; it’s an incremental game.

Satisfaction isn’t something we fall upon. It’s something we work towards. And the harder the work, the richer the rewards. A prevailing theme in our...

Andrew Chak: Obsessive Runner

School Ties

Andrew Chak goes back to school to see how today’s students respond to Terry’s memory. Hint: Through their dedication, he learns something about himself. When...

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