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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


150 Runners

Divas Running Series Goes West

After a successful Toronto event earlier this summer, the Divas Running Series will continue to expand across Canada with a debut race in Calgary,...

Marathon Mom

I’m Running the Boston Marathon, Again, by Krista DuChene

Our Ontario winter has started in typical fashion with some days snowy and mild, others bitterly cold in the -30's, and even a few...

Mark Sutcliffe: My Running Life

Into the Wild: Mark Sutcliffe’s Prescription for a Hometown Adventure

In the prehistoric days before GPS devices, in the ancient time of phone books, Blockbuster stores and fax machines, we often didn’t know how...

Andrew Chak: Obsessive Runner

School Ties

Andrew Chak goes back to school to see how today’s students respond to Terry’s memory. Hint: Through their dedication, he learns something about himself. When...

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