No Category selected Canadian Olympic Committee officially announces 2012 Canadian Olympic Marathon team

    Canadian Olympic Committee officially announces 2012 Canadian Olympic Marathon team


    It was an exciting morning in Guelph, Ontario today where the Canadian Olympic Committee held an event to officially announce Canada’s 2012 Olympic Marathon team.  Despite the rain and the initial plan to hold the event outdoors, there was an excellent turnout including busloads of elementary school students, community members, athletes, the team physician and physiotherapist, and members of the media.

    Rob Guy, CEO of Athletics Canada, praised the accomplishments of the athletes, saying, “It’s been since 1996 that we’ve sent 3 marathoners to the Olympic Games. This is a tremendous accomplishment. We’re not just there to participate, we are sending guys who are unbelievably fit right now, and we know will perform unbelievably.”

    Gord Peterson, a vice president of the Canadian Olympic Committee, was on hand to make the official announcement.  Before referring to Reid Coolsaet, Eric Gillis and Dylan Wykes by name, Peterson said:

    These outstanding athletes embody everything the Canadian Olympic Team has come to symbolize: hard work, sacrifice, determination. Canadian Olympic team for 2012 has a very ambitious goal: top 12 in 2012 and achieving this will not be easy, but our Olympians have an entire country in their corner.

    Dave Scott-Thomas, coach to Coolsaet and Gillis on the Speed River Track and Field Club, advised that he wants the country to know what kind of people these athletes are.  He told the crowd, “You know their talent level…but you should know their depth of character is outstanding.”

    “They’re awesome guys, they’re tough – mentally tough – and also very generous of spirit. They represent our community, they represent Canada, and they represent the running community incredibly well,” said Scott-Thomas.

    L to R: Guelph City Councillor Jim Furfaro, Eric Gillis, Reid Coolsaet, Dylan Wykes, Rob Guy, Gord Peterson


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