No Category selected Bib 18222 – the one with the BIG smile

    Bib 18222 – the one with the BIG smile


    What a journey is all I can say. The actual marathon will last less then 4 hours of my life (hopefully) but my road to Boston has been 10 years in the making and the memories are going to last a lifetime. From my first marathon running alongside great friends and my great dad to having my 2 small children and my husband be so excited for me when I qualified for Boston, I’ve had a lot of supporters along my journey.
    I have to say I was excited to finish the Around the Bay race last week. #1 is because I had a great “race”. I used it as a cross between race pass and LSD. I didn’t want to have my best race day 3 weeks before Boston. One of the great guys – Arun I run with nicknamed me as his own “running iPod”. We’d come up behind someone and they’d turn around and say “I thought that was your voice Kiska”. #2 ATB was my last “long” run and I’m in taper mode. I put “long” in quotation as there still was a 20km run I did this morning. Only someone training for a marathon or ultra thinks 20km is a taper week. We finished our 20k with hail/rain and some snow. No one can complain after our wonderful “winter” of training weather – unless you were one of the 20 people in our group still having to do another 13km in a cold downpour.
    This has been a great iRun Road to Boston adventure and I haven’t even got on the plane yet. I owe a huge thanks to:
    1. My very supportive family.
    2. iRun for giving me this amazing opportunity.
    3. Adidas for making me look great on my winter runs and providing me with a very supportive coach Nicole.
    4. Lisa who paced me to qualify for Boston and never game up on me.
    5. Rebecca who wrote my entry for the contest and pushed me every week during our speed workouts.
    6. My coach Steven Connor (better known as Dr. Stevil) for making us run hills, hills and more hills. His dedication to the sport and to his runners is truly awesome.
    7. Last but not least my Running sisters. You are truly an amazing group of women. Each has taught me a great deal about running but more importantly taught me how being surrounded by amazing people can help you accomplish amazing things – on the track and off.
    12 more days until my in laws arrive from PEI to look after my kids (THANKS!)
    13 more days until we fly out and go to the Expo (look out Visa – mama needs a Boston coat)
    14 more days until we see the Red Sox with my mom and my step dad (who are driving from New Brunswick to cheer me on)
    15 more day until the gun goes off.
    Wave 3 Coral 1 bib 18222 – Boston here I come! I’ll be the one with the HUGE smile on my face.


    1. It is so exciting to have an actual BIB number!! You should be very proud of yourself, Kiska! Great training and an unbelievable reward!! I must admit, I have had the same, “look out VISA” thought…

    2. It’s been awesome watching you run toward your dream Kiska, and here you are on the eve of seeing it come true. All of us who know and love you will be cheering you on every step of the race…but to us, you’re already a winner!! Go get ’em girl!!!!!!

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