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Ask Jean-Paul


About Jean-Paul

Jean-Paul Bédard is an author, advocate, and one of Canada’s most high profile endurance athletes. Jean-Paul turned to running to help him overcome the trauma of sexual violence, depression, and drug and alcohol addiction. In 2014, he ran a “Double Boston Marathon” for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. And this past October, Jean-Paul’s “Triple Toronto Waterfront Marathon” (126.6 km) in support of the #ItsNeverOkay campaign was widely covered by the international media.
As a Brooks sponsored athlete and veteran of over 120 marathons and ultra marathons, Jean-Paul has become a leader within the running community highlighting the power of overcoming adversity, and along the way, reminding us of the ability of running to bring out the best in each of us.

You can follow Jean-Paul on Twitter @runjprun or contact him at

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