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    Another safety reminder…

    Would you look at this face??

    As runners, we often find ourselves in places where others aren’t, or gain a perspective on an area that just isn’t possible when driving through.  It’s no coincidence that it always seems to be runners that find dead bodies.

    So when I was out for my Saturday run, the one day at this time of year that I can run when it is light enough to run on country roads, I made a gruesome discovery.

    It is that time of year when the roadkill count is way up.  I am not talking about just any roadkill, either.  When I was out on my run, on a 6-kilometre stretch of road, I found no less than 4 squashed pumpkins.

    The most heart-wrenching part about finding smashed pumpkins is that sometimes, you can still see the expressions frozen forever on their poor little faces.  Some of them were terrified; some were really angry.  Others, poor dears, didn’t see it coming at all and were smiling obliviously.

    Clearly this is a problem that is preventable.  I mean, I know they don’t move very fast, so if you don’t see them in time, there’s little hope.  But come on, they’re bright orange!  At night they tend to be lit; they don’t exactly blend in with their surroundings.  In addition, their movement patterns are pretty predictable – if you pull out to pass, it isn’t like they’ll dart in front of you, even if you’ve startled them.

    I know that the season has come a little later than usual, but it is still only once a year, so please drive with caution.

    If you think I am exaggerating about the severity of this problem, you need only go for a run to see what I am talking about.

    Would you look at this face??
    Would you look at this face??
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