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    A Running “Field Trip”


    Today I took a little field trip.  My youngest (an 8-month-old) and myself took a drive into Guelph for my long run.  I usually do my long runs on the lonely country roads that surround my little town, but I don’t normally bring the youngsters with me.  I love their company, I just don’t love pushing the running buggy down the gravel shoulders as scary big trucks roll by.  I mapped out an “in-town” route that would keep me close to civilization, as well as safely away from harm while pushing the baby.  Win-Win, I say!

    I started to get a bit nervous about the run as we arrived at my planned parking spot.  “Is it too cold for the wee one?”  “Will he cry and cry?” Ah, well.  I decided that I would just have to overcome my fears of pushing him on this cold beautiful morning as my long run awaited, and I could always bail if things got too tough, right?  We headed out, and it was lovely.  I didn’t have to worry about carrying a water bottle, gels or any of that junk we tote around on long runs…I had it all organized in this handy running stroller!!  I even carried luxury items like my cell phone and cash!

    I ran past:

    -3 highschools

    -2 elementary schools

    -4 churches

    -around an entire university

    -through 2 parks

    -1 shopping mall

    -only ONE Tim Hortons.

    I thought that last one was amazing.  Only one on a run that was 14 miles long!

    As for the baby…he slept, well, ‘like a baby,’ almost the entire time.  He was cozy in a snow suit and hat, and I had added the protective “bubble” (plastic cover for the stroller).  I checked on him a few times, but it was more for my peace of mind than anything else.  He made a few little blabbers as we hit the last mile stretch, but I will gladly bring him along to “see the sights” of another town anytime!

    Perhaps it was because I wasn’t running super-fast due to the companion I had along for the ride, or perhaps it was the shiny, sunny day, but I really could have added more miles to this run with no problems…the miles flew by with all of the refreshing new sites I was taking in.  It is nice to change things up from time to time!