No Category selected 2 hours(ish) of running until Race Day!

    2 hours(ish) of running until Race Day!


    I must have looked like a tasty chocolate bunny out there today.  Four dogs came running after me.  I learned a long time ago from my brother, that the best way to deal with the situation is to yell a very firm, “GO HOME!” to the canine in question.  It worked all four times.  Phew!

    After that last “long” run this morning, (a breezy hour-and-twenty-minute-run) I looked ahead at the schedule set up for this week’s running.  The last week before the race.  There are four easy runs (one interval session in there for good measure) between me and Boston.  “Mentally prepare” is what coach Nicole said.  It seems that the only time I have to mentally prepare is out on the road while running, so I guess I will have to carve out some extra time somewhere else.  As well as “getting extra sleep,” “eating well” and “hydrating“.  Busy week ahead for sure.

    The taper is always so tricky.  If you’re a procrastinator like I can be, everything in your personality tells you to “cram” in extra training every time you think about the big day.  Running doesn’t work that way.  It’s all about strong, even build-up in training for best results.  Tapering is also so much about self-control.  I feel so great out there!  I just want to keep going!  Okay, okay, I guess I will “save it up”.

    As I count down the 6 more sleeps until we board the plane bound for Boston on Saturday, I will try to keep calm, trust my training, and just keep my head on straight!

    p.s.  Do countless jelly beans count as proper pre-race fuel?  Happy Easter!


    1. Sigh…… SO inspiring! I just caught up with all the blogs I’d missed and am so proud to know you. Enjoy the weekend, the race, the experience……. If Easter dinner wasn’t sitting so heavy right now, this old, heavy novice’d be donning her runners immediately! All the best.

    2. Only 1 more sleep until you board to Boston!!! You are going to do amazing, you are so ready for this, GOOD LUCK!!!
      p.s. wear the shorts 🙂

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