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    150 Runners – Mackenzie Loyer


    Mackenzie Loyer
    13, Vancouver

    I’m small. I play sports. I love them, but I get told often, “You’re too small!” My mom started putting me in kids’ races and I’ve found that I’m good. I don’t have to be tall, I put on my runners and run! I’m 13 and running 10Ks; my goal is to do my first half by 15. My mom says go out there and prove them wrong and that’s what me and my running shoes are going to do!


    1. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too small, Mackenzie! I was too–and exceedingly clumsy!–as a kid. So, I avoided sports…when I got older, I still felt energetic, but was beginning to gain weight. I got a beautiful English Springer spaniel dog who loved to run, and started running with him. In the years that he lived with us, he and I ran over 4000 kilometers in total–and even today I keep on running with a new dog…and doing sports that I love, too! Guess you could say I am making up for lost time…

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