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    150 Runners – Al Thompson


    Al Thompson
    62, Ottawa

    Running is not fun. That’s why I joined the Ottawa Hash House Harriers 17 years ago. We are a drinking club with a running problem, which we indulge in Ottawa every Monday evening at 7:00pm, every second Thursday, and on full moons. Our big event is always on July 1st and this year we are hosting 150 runners for our annual Red Dress Run. If you happen to be in Ottawa on Canada Day and see 150 men and women running through the streets in red dresses, don’t be afraid to say hi. Most of us are harmless. I also run “official” races, but running is boring. Hashing is fun. On On!!!!


    1. Why has iRun not issued a paper copy
      of the 150 Runners in their new issue
      edition to celebrate Canada’s 150 Anniversary.
      Saw the digital version but would love a
      paper copy as a souvenir. Thanks

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