iRun because it has saved my life John Marshall, Alberta

iRun because I never thought I would be able toGary Morris, Winnipeg, MB

iRun because it makes me a better person, a better wife, a better mother and a better friendNathalie Joncas-Caissie, St-Antoine, NB

iRun because I love the sense of accomplishment Amber Moase, Nova Scotia

iRun to maintain a strong physical and mental state Tammy Rainville, Ontario

iRun to prove to myself I canLesley McGougan, Brampton, ON

iRun because I need it to soothe the soul, keep me in shape and for overall wellbeingBeth Neil, Lombardy, ON

iRun see where my feet will take me todayMegan Dolinskas, New York

iRun for my heart, so it runs for me! Cathy Brzoza, British Columbia

iRun for relaxation and to motivate my two sonsKeith Bradbury, Newfoundland

iRun because iEat Sherry Maligaspe, British Columbia

iRun to someday win the race Lindy Dunlop, Yukon

iRun because it makes me feel powerful Sarah Kallaghan, Alberta

iRun because it's better than almost everything else Nathan Carey, Ontario

iRun but not enoughMichael Shaw, New Westminister, BC

iRun because it’s cheaper than therapy Leah Boulter, Alberta

iRun because i love to Mirella Petriello, Ontario

iRun because it’s a great way to see the world Sherry Mahoney, British Columbia

iRun because iLoves my man Beverly Huang, Alberta

iRun for the cool t-shirts! Pina Bevilacqua, Ontario

iRun to inspire my kids to tryGlen Johnston, Nunavut

iRun because endorphins are free Cassandra Chouinard, Ontario

iRun to kickstart my day Sharon Strueby, Saskatchewan

iRun for the challenge to go faster and farther Steven Matejka, Alberta

iRun slowly!Jason Hoffman, Manitoba

iRun so I can eat ice cream Sandy Bolan, Ontario

iRun because of the peace and strength it brings meMichelle Jordan, Ottawa, ON

iRun because it’s like flying, only lower Glenn Johnson, Ontario

iRun because not everyone can Olivia Harvey, New Brunswick

iRun because I liveGeorges Schneller, Laval, QC

iRun because it gives me freedom to relax my brainMarie-Claude Gregoire, Nova Scotia

iRun because it gives me freedom to relax my brain Marie-Claude Gregoire, Nova Scotia

iRun because it makes me whole Denis Ladouceur, Quebec

iRun to feel great Kathryn Rachar, Saskatchewan

iRun because iEat Sherry Maligaspe, British Columbia

iRun because it cleans up my life, because I drink more water, sleep better and eat healthier foodsRobin McIntyre, Ottawa, ON

iRun for the moment when both feet are off the ground Catherine Anderson, British Columbia

iRun whenever I feel the need to escape Iona Hillis, Ontario

iRun because when I run I feel most aliveMeghan Lynch, Ottawa, ON

iRun to inspire my children! Wendy Bowen, Manitoba

iRun because I like buying running clothes Pamela Blaikie, Ontario

iRun because it is my tonic and my salvation Georgia Ioannou, British Columbia

iRun and run, and run, and run, and nobody can stop me Andrei Lucaciu, Ontario

iRun because I am not as clumsy I thought I was Hanna Baer, Quebec

iRun to stay ahead of the weight gainMyra Abstreiter, Alberta

iRun because endorphins are freeCassandra Chouinard, Ontario

iRun for the individual pursuit Robert Pelletier, New Brunswick

iRun because running is like breathing to Stephanie McEvoy, Ontario

iRun because food tastes better afterwards Patrick Houston, Alberta

iRun to eat more, especially sweet potatoe fries Joanna Skomra, Ontario

iRun because there is no finish line Claire Kilgour, Ontario

iRun to stay fit and release those running endorphinsLiliana Plava, Calgary, AB

iRun to prove to them that iCan Catherine Smith, Manitoba

iRun to satisfy the irresistible urge Tim Nixon, British Columbia

iRun because it’s better than almost everything else Nathan Carey, Ontario

iRun because I get foot rubs afterward Kate Howerton, British Columbia

iRun to unleash my inner athleteAdelle Densham, Avonmore, ON

iRun because it makes me feel good, allows me to spend time with my friends and gives me a feeling of accomplishmentHelen Kolodziejzyk, Calgary, AB

iRun for me! Judi Wearing, Saskatchewan

iRun because I want to live to be 100! Colette DeJean, Ontario

iRun because I like buying running clothes Pamela Blaikie, Ontario

iRun because I want to be a role model for our six kids Catherine Empey, British Columbia

iRun so I don’t say never ever again Linda Klaric, Manitoba

iRun because pecan pie, french fries and beer are chasing meTeresa Sterling, Ottawa , ON

iRun because I love the solitude Janene Tailleur, British Columbia

iRun to be free and enjoy our beautiful countryCheryl Carter, Clearwater , BC

iRun for the fresh air and adrenalin Charlyn McGregor, Saskatchewan

iRun because it sure beats the bus Robin Robbins, Alberta

iRun because walking is too slow Barry Knapp, Ontario

iRun because it reminds me of how strong I can be Monique Lavoie, Ontario

iRun because couch potatoes die young Cathy Andrew, Ontario

iRun because the wall is meant to be broken Jonathan Bird, Ontario

iRun because it is my tonic and my salvation Georgia Ioannou, British Columbia

iRun because it's cheaper than therapy Leah Boulter, Alberta

iRun for relaxation and to motivate my two sons Keith Bradbury, Newfoundland

iRun because it reminds me that I am capable of so much more than I have doneJames Sauve, Ottawa, ON

iRun because couch potatoes die young Cathy Andrew, Ontario

iRun for overall wellbeingTrish McCourt, Halifax, NS

iRun at 50 years old because at 43 I couldn't Peter Cicalo, Ontario

iRun to challenge my mind, body and soul Sonia Mendes, Ontario

iRun because otherwise I’m grumpy Alexandre Charest, Quebec

iRun because I can and I’m gratefulTerry SanCartier, Gatineau, QC

iRun because I’ve lost 80 lbs and running has become fun Cheryl Kelly, Ontario

iRun because I can’t dance Mario Javier, Ontario

iRun to challenge my perceived limitations Cassandra Williams, Ontario

iRun because I want to qualify for Boston and raise money for charities near and dear to my heartChristine Gracel, Calgary, AB

iRun because my heart tells me to William Martin, Manitoba

iRun because all the ladies are chasing my sexy runner’s bodyChris Baker, Etobicoke, ON

iRun for the challenge and to remember to fully live Pascale Synnott, Québec

iRun because somebody once told me I couldn’t Heidi Abbey-Der, Saskatchewan

iRun to challenge myself, physically and mentallyKathleen Keenan, Brampton, ON

iRun to my happy place and some days it’s very Doreen May, Alberta

iRun because it gives my day a boost of energy Sara Campbell, Nova Scotia

iRun to get to know myself, my strength and my spirit Lisa Groulx, Ontario

iRun for meKiza Francis, Ottawa,ON

iRun because I cannot say no to a second slice of chocolate cakeEmily Shandruk, Vancouver, BC

iRun because somebody once told me I couldn't Heidi Abbey-Der, Saskatchewan

iRun because I learn more about who I am with every km Steph Mansell, Quebec

iRun because it’s in meMichael Foley, Stittsville, ON

iRun for health, i Run for life Pat Cheung, British Columbia

iRun because it helps me see things more clearly Jennifer Pitts, Ontario

iRun away from the negative and towards the positive Teri Lepard, Alberta

iRun because people around me inspire mePina Bevilacqua, Caledon, ON

iRun because I like to be healthy Melanie Oickle, New Brunswick

iRun slowly! Jason Hoffman, Manitoba

iRun so that I can live longer and stronger Derek MacPhail, Ontario

iRun at 50 years old because at 43 I couldn’t Peter Cicalo, Ontario

iRun to eat Maureen Tritscher, Alberta

iRun because it makes me feel powerfulCarlene Paquette, Carp, ON

iRun because it's a great stress release Brooke McKenzie, Yukon

iRun all the livelong day Pierre Saint-Laurent, Québec

iRun to correct years of sedentary living! Mike Scott, Ontario

iRun away from the abyss Charlene Thomas, Ontario

iRun because it’s fun when it’s done Sue Matte, Ontario

iRun because it gets my husband out there Tricia LaLonde, Alberta

iRun therefore I amDuncan Walsh, Nottingham, UK

iRun so my daughters know that they can, too Shelley Kirkpatrick, New Brunswick

iRun because I learn more about who I am with every kmSteph Mansell, Quebec

Cover photo from the current issue of iRun Magazine

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My Best Running Race
  The Great Canadian Marathon Guide

2015 Great Canadian Marathon Guide

With the Canadian marathon scene continuing to grow, 2015 may be the year you make the 42.2km distance as your next race goal. Featuring more than 50 events, this year, the Great Canadian Marathon Guide is organized geographically, making it even easier to find a race in your neighbourhood. From back-to-basics races that include rural routes, to the bright lights and sideline attractions of metropolitan events, nearly every runner will find a marathon that’s the perfect fit.

June 29 to July 3

The Northwest Passage Marathon and Ultramarathon is Canada’s most northern marathon, taking place on Somerset Island, NU. The course is marked with Inukshuks and flags, and runners have reported seeing beluga whales, seals – and yes, polar bears – at past events.

August 2

The Yukon River Trail Marathon begins in downtown Whitehorse, with a mix of paved trail at the start and finish, and rugged single track trail in between. Watch out for bears – the official race rules suggest a wide detour, or retreating to the nearest aid station.

August 16

Run in the largest city in the Northwest Territories at the Overlander Sports Marathon in Yellowknife. The city got its start in the 1930s with the gold rush, and has come full-circle as a mining town thanks to the discovery of diamonds in the 1990s.

2015 Date TBA – usually November

Spot large carnivores at the Polar Bear Marathon in Churchill, MB. Each participant is assigned a support vehicle to avoid any unwanted encounters, so preparing for the elements will be your biggest concern.


May 3

Ranked a top-10 destination marathon by Forbes, the BMO Vancouver Marathon promises a scenic route through parks, neighbourhoods, city streets and alongside beaches.

May 9

The Prairie Inn Harriers Running Club Island Runner Elk/Beaver Ultra in Elk Lake, BC offers the First-Timers Marathon as its shortest event. Promising an accurately measured course completing 4+ loops on flat, fast trails, this could be one of the best catered marathons around, with 5 water stations, 5 washrooms, and two food stations per loop.

May 17

Woody’s RV World Marathon in Red Deer, AB (May 18), takes place on the Victoria Day long weekend and boasts made-in-Canada bamboo t-shirts. The picturesque course is a figure-8 that is mostly paved trail.

June 7

Canada’s oldest marathon, the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon, runs for the 51st time in 2015. Tour the city and take in the view of the Rocky Mountains before returning to Stampede Park for a traditional pancake breakfast. Don’t shadowbox your belt buckle medal – you’ll want to wear it with pride to the Stampede in July.

June 7

The Fallen 4 Marathon in Mayerhorpe, AB honours the four RCMP officers – Constable Peter Schiemann, Constable Leo Johnston, Constable Anthony Gordon and Constable Brock Myrol – who gave their lives in the line of duty on March 3, 2005.

June 14

The Edge-to-Edge Marathon, Tofino, BC doesn’t just run by the beach – it runs on the beach. Chesterman Beach, that is – about a kilometre section of hard-packed sand with spectacular ocean views – a perfect spot for your supporters to take pictures. When you’re finished, enjoy the buffet while you watch the rest of the race.

June 21

This Father’s Day, run through Canada’s first National Park at the 2nd annual Banff Marathon.

July 18

See eagles soaring overhead at the Totem to Totem Marathon, Skidegate, Haida Gwaii, BC. With views of the water, beach and trees, not to mention the six totems at the start/finish, it’s hard to beat the scenery.

August 23

Plan to spend the night before the Run the Rock Marathon on Texada Island, BC since the ferry won’t get you there early enough on race day. Then stay another day or two to explore the area by foot or mountain bike, go boating or scuba diving, visit the cafes and pubs, and check out the local arts scene.

August 23

The Edmonton Marathon starts and finishes at The Horses at Northlands Park, a racetrack with plenty of indoor washrooms and change areas. Enjoy the famous post-race brunch, and don’t forget to buy extra brunch tickets for your family!

September 20

There’s no messing around at the Mad Moose Marathon in Prince George, BC, an event run in conjunction with a 63K ultra marathon on rugged trails with wildlife (yes, that includes grizzly bears). Instead of race rules or FAQs, the website features a “Race Rant” to let you know how this course is run. The rant finishes up with the following: “This is a challenging and difficult course!! If you are not sufficiently trained or in condition – don’t kid yourself, pick another event.” You’ve been warned.

October 11

Welcome to the capital of BC where the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon will once again host to the BC Athletics Marathon Championship for 2015. But you don’t have to be an elite to feel welcome. Every finisher is personally greeted by Race Director Rob Reid at the finish.

October 11

Enjoy all that fall has to offer in Kelowna, BC, at the BMO Okanagan Marathon, including fall colours, fresh fruit, and oh yeah – wine!

December 21

Celebrate the beginning of winter at the Winter Solstice Westwood Lake Marathon in Westwood Lake, BC. This race falls on the solstice, regardless of the day of the week, so be prepared!



April 3

Run to Regina, SK for the Gopher Attack marathon. Taking place on the Good Friday holiday, this race leaves the rest of the weekend to celebrate your achievement – don’t forget to wear your hilarious Gopher Attack t-shirt!

May 31

Turning 37 this year, the Saskatchewan Marathon in Saskatoon, SK takes you along the beautiful South Saskatchewan River.

June 21

The Manitoba Marathon in Winnipeg, MB offers a flat and shaded course through residential neighbourhoods, and has been the site of past Canadian Marathon and Masters Championships, as well as the 1999 Pan American Games Marathon.

September 13

Run around one of North America’s largest urban parks at the Saskatchewan Credit Unions Queen City Marathon in Regina, SK. The prairie elevation profile comes in handy, with a total elevation change of only 72m over the entire course, but sign up early as entries are limited and this event sells out months in advance on a yearly basis.



April 26

When you think of Waterloo, ON, you may think Canada’s Technology Triangle. But don’t let that fool you – the Waterloo Marathon sticks to the area’s rural routes, with a picturesque course through Mennonite country and over Ontario’s last remaining covered bridge. Finishers receive a unique hand-made clay medallion.

May 3

If you’re looking for big bling, the Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon awards a two-pound medal to all finishers. It also boasts a scenic point-to-point tour of Toronto on a flat, fast course with a lot of downhill segments.

May 3

The Mississauga Marathon boasts a point-to-point course through lovely neighbourhoods, the University of Toronto (Erindale Campus), and along the shores of Lake Ontario.

May 10

Billed as Northern Ontario’s largest distance event, the Sudbury Rocks!!! Marathon not only offers prizes to top finishers and finishers’ medals, this race has its own scholarship program. Students at Laurentian University need only compete in one of the events or volunteer some time, and show a contribution to healthy living and diabetes awareness in order to apply.

May 17

With 58 runners in 2014, the Whitby International Marathon (May 18) is cozy with beautiful scenery. And there are pancakes. Need we say more?

May 24

The Ottawa Marathon just keeps getting more popular.  This IAAF Silver Label Road Race features a course that runs in two provinces, tons of national landmarks, and 100,000 spectators. The whole city turns into an ad hoc “running festival” for the weekend. If you love your adoring fans, this is the place to be.

June 7

The Marathon Baie-des-Chaleurs in Carleton-sur-Mer, takes participants along the shores of the Baie-des-Chaleuers.

Date TBA (likely June 13?)

In the heart of Ontario wine country, the Niagara Marathon begins in Niagara-on-the-Lake and runs nearly all the way to Niagara Falls and back – all on paved trail. Enjoy views of the Niagara River the entire way, with no thinking about traffic.

June 28

Take in the beautiful scenery of Sept-Iles, QC at the Mamu Marathon des Galeries Montagnaises. Enjoy the sandy beaches and views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Sainte-Marguerite River, and watch the cruise ships come and go.

August 30

Enjoy running along the St. Lawrence, on cobbled roads and past outdoor cafes at the SSQ Quebec City Marathon/Marathon des Deux Rives. For finishing this race, you get a spiffy medal that flashes.

September 5

The Canadian Run in Ottawa is unique for a couple of reasons – first, it is among the few marathons that take place in the evening, and second, it is run in conjunction with the run portion of the Canadian Iron 226 Triathlon and Duathlon – meaning you will share your marathon with triathletes who have already been on a 4K swim and a 180K bike ride earlier in the day.

September 20

The World Alzheimer’s Day Run for Heroes Marathon in Amherstburg, ON takes you along the Detroit River and through Historic Fort Malden. This race is fast and flat, attracting runners hoping to qualify for Boston.

September 20

Part of the Rock’n’Roll Series, the Rock’n’Roll Montreal Marathon promises music every mile and a Finish Line Festival with more live music and a gigantic party.

September 27

The race turns 5 this year, but Thunder Bay’s iconic Sleeping Giant is made up of some of the oldest rock on Earth. The Miles with the Giant Thunder Bay Marathon runs in view of this Canadian Shield formation with dramatic cliffs and dense forests, the Giant, seen sleeping along the side of Lake Superior.

October 4

Run around Prince Edward County at the 12th annual County Marathon. The population may be small, but they’re supportive and come out to cheer along the rural route – and you’re welcomed to the post-race party with a free beer.

October 11

Celebrate Thanksgiving at the Ottawa Fall Colours Marathon. You can get in the mood with the start at the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum, a turn-of-the-century village, and enjoy the country setting by running beside farms and rural homes.

October 18

The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon loves making history. This is IAAF Silver Label Road Race is where Reid Coolsaet and Eric Gillis met Athletics Canada’s Olympic qualifying standards for 2012, Ed Whitlock has set multiple world records, several Guinness World Records have been broken, and in 2013, where Silvia Ruegger’s 28-year-old Canadian women’s marathon record fell to Lanni Marchant and Krista DuChene. If you’re planning to make history this fall, this is the race for you.

October 25

Begin in one country and end in another at the Niagara Falls International Marathon (October 26). The start is outside the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY, so you can run over the Peace Bridge to Fort Erie, and run down the Niagara Parkway and finish at the Falls.

October 25

The STATO Haunted Hustle in Haileybury, ON raises funds for South Temiskaming Active Travel Association, which is working towards the construction of the STATO Trail. Now a certified Boston qualifier!

November 1

Cool temperatures, rural roads, and waterfront trails await you at the Hamilton Road2Hope Marathon. Enjoy coasting down the Red Hill Valley Parkway – 6+ kilometres of downhill running. As an added bonus, take advantage of the time change to get an extra hour of sleep before the big day.



May 10

Despite course-changes for the Scotiabank Fredericton Marathon in Fredericton, NB organizers still promise one of the flattest, fastest courses in the Maritimes for the 37th running this year.

May 17

The Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon in Halifax, NS on the Victoria Day long weekend promises a hilly course, and an event the whole town gets behind. Myles, the blue-nosed mascot, is always around the finish for high-fives!

June 21

The Johnny Miles Marathon in New Glasgow, NS is known for the pre-race continental breakfast and pretty robust post-race lunch. If you’re wondering, Johnny Miles was just some unknown kid – who won the Boston Marathon in 1926 (at age 19!) and again in 1929.

July 26

The Nova Scotia Marathon in Barrington Passage, NS turns 45 this year. The figure-8 course takes you through many small communities on Cape Sable Island, and boasts a relatively flat course, enthusiastic volunteers, and seafood chowder, showers and change rooms at the finish. With 80 runners in 2014, you will have plenty of space.

August 9

Run Canada’s first incorporated city at the Marathon by the Sea, Saint John’s, NB. The race is part of the Running Challenge Series, with three different challenges you can complete.

September 12

This fall, experience the picturesque rolling coastline route through Eastern Passage and Cow Bay, NS at the Recharge with Milk Maritime Marathon.  This pirate-themed marathon weekend promises great booty and healthy food, among other things. The best part? It’s on Saturday so you can enjoy the epic post-race party and still have Sunday to recover.

Date TBA in mid-Dec (September 20?)

The Huffin’ Puffin Marathon in Mount Pearl, NL is highly exclusive – open to members of the Newfoundland and Labrador Athletics Association. But don’t despair – you can purchase a one-day permit from the Association for $5.

October 11

Reflect on gratitude at the quiet Trapline Marathon from North West River to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL. Run in honour of the trappers that left the North West River and trekked inland to tend their trap lines each fall, this race promises solitude, but everyone is welcomed to a buffet of traditional Labrador food at the finish.

October 11

The Marathon Luc Gallant, Kouchibouguac National Park, NB, honours a local athlete named Luc Gallant who successfully battled cancer. Every year the proceeds go to a cause that promotes an active lifestyle for youth in the area.

October 18

The Prince Edward Island Marathon is a 42.2K historical tour of Queen’s County. Enjoy the scenery including Prince Edward Island National Park, Confederation Trail, and at least two historical sites.

October 18

The Cape Breton Fiddlers Run in Sydney, NS, is dubbed as the “unforgettable Celtic race experience you won’t want to miss.” A rolling course with stunning views of the ocean and live Celtic music along the course.

October 25

Raise money for literacy initiatives at the Legs for Literacy Marathon in Moncton, NB. The event raised $90,000 in 2013.

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